Female French Angora rabbit for sale, $30 each. 9 weeks old on 3292019. DOB 1252019Super friendly and curious, very calm for grooming and collecting wool. Cash only.
Exclusive One-Touch MulchControl Kit helps keep your grass healthy and looking its best with the push of the button. Lawn care has never been easier. The ultimate steerability allows for tight turns at top speed so you can go around trees, planter boxes, and anything else in your path without needing to back up. Make cleanup easier. 2-bag Material Collection Systems with optional power flows so...
Fresh Hand Shelled American Black Walnuts ready to eat fancy size and many are whole quarter nut meat. 12 pound bag of walnuts for $7.50 or $15.00pound. I collected these fall 2018, I husked them, I dried them, I will shell them before or near order time. Nuts come from Wayne and Cabell County, WV. I will meet you in a public place or deliver the nuts to you.