Made by Egoscue. Multi-position tower with 2 foot pedals. Used for supine spine stretch and allignment of hip flexors and spine. Gently used in like new condition. Let me know if you need any additional info or pics. (Cross posted)
Floral velvet with rose gold zipper. Meet at Karns Ingles on Monday evenings around 5:15 or Aldi Schaad Rd other evenings.
I have lots of different size luvs diapers they are $5 each . All febreze in this post is $1.50 each . I have huggies and pampers and luvs baby wipes they are all $1.50 each . I have shampoo & conditioner sets of herbal essence , Pantene and garnier they are $4 per set . I have a lot more than shown sorry all are in tubs ready for crossville sale this coming weekend