Has a handle that when u hold it will make the dragon chomp down and make noises
Euc. Used for 8 months. Smoke and pet free Home. Head rest is adjustable, side pads are removable and the base has the cool clips for easy install. Expiration date is December 31 2023. No wrecks!
Needs some TLC I've reattached the oven door and painted the backsplash, the sink door needs to be reattached ( I do still have it) kids just liked it better off. The only issue with it is after moving it around I've broken the back legs off the back of it so we have to put wooden books under it to keep it level( I can give u the books we used but it's a simple fix just needs a wood board under...

Pp lot

Only used one of the underwear diaper things ( super comfortable) plus all the standard hospital pp type stuff includes the stretchy spandex type britches for the pads
missing a shelf normal wear & tear but other than that it s in great condition! ppu pace by walmart $30
Attached to the seat protector is a "trash can" Or toy bin. It's collapsible so you don't have to have it open. Thick mat. New in box, just opened to get this pic.