3 pt Pig Pole. Cat 1 implement used for lifting items with 3pt hitch. Dont know the rating but would say 500lb or so.
Baby juliana mini pigs, parents are only 30-35 lbs. Make great pets livestock companions. $150 each or may trade for hair sheep ewe or nigerian nanny, may also consider outdoor gearitems. Text is best way to contact if interested
I have everything you need to raise pigs. Polytape electric fence 4300 $225195 Plastic fence post $2005 Water heaters $100Assorted polytape hardware $80Electric fence power box $100Chicken watering bucket $15 Four 5 gallon water bucket wo nipple $24Four 5 gallon water buckets with nipple $805 small feed bowls $15Steel trough feeder $803 large feed bowls $18Id like to sell everything at once. Il...